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From Marc’s Blog, January 1, 2019…

SELF-PUBLISHING? LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES! When it comes to self-publishing, it’s like any other do-it-yourself process.  You will usually make mistakes as you learn.  If anyone is prone to make mistakes when working on something new, it’s me.  I’m a champ at it.  So you can imagine that after 11-plus years of self-publishing there are a lot of things I’ve learned.  Some are easy and quite obvious; others are more elusive and difficult to achieve.  Maybe I can save you from falling into some common potholes in your travels down the same roadways I’ve driven.  First the easy stuff:

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First of all, thank you for coming to this new section on self-publishing.  My mission is to help independent authors who may be attempting to self-publish their first book.  I have written and self-published 11 books since I retired 12 years ago. I hasten to mention that, as an indie author, I have had little to no success selling books.  But that has much to do with marketing, not the purpose here.  All the books I wrote were self-published and that is where I feel some sense of success and accomplishment. I am pretty much self-taught and I have learned much from the mistakes I have made (see my blog posting below). So now, in the spirit of pay it forward, I want to share what I have learned about self-publishing with you. If you are new to the process you may find this website helpful in getting you started.  Here are the kinds of information I will focus on:

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