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Get to Know the Family

Want us to come to your family picnic? No problem!


(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Ah, Rosemarie and I at her prom back in the ‘60s…and here we are after 49 years of   blistering, ah blissful marriage.

 Here’s son, Jeff, with a snook he caught in the canal that runs along the back of our house.  Not to worry, he put it back.

…and on the right is daughter Lee Ann after a quick sprint around the block.        

And below are all the grandkids.  Okay, pay attention:  Haley is Jeff’s daughter.  Bridgette, Lindsay and Samantha are the daughters of Lee Ann and her late husband, Danny; Grace is Bob’s daughter by a previous marriage; and Shelby and Marc (my namesake) are the children of Lee Ann and Bob. Got all that?



& Lindsay

Can‘t forget the family beasts!  They both have penetrating personalities: his bite and her claws.

Bill the Dog and

Toni the Cat!


    Grace              Samantha           Marc            Shelby

 Distant look-alikes, granddaughter

     Shelby & her Great GM, Lois

              (Marc’s Mother)