Okay, I  guess I cannot procrastinate any further.  Here are the rest of the steps for numbering the pages of your book using Microsoft Word.  Again, I hasten to add my  disclaimer that page numbering process with Word is about the most frustrating and challenging task you will face while preparing your manuscript.   Just when you think you have finally gotten all your pages numbered correctly,  you will go away and when you come back they’ll be all messed up.  You will go through this process numerous times until Word finally gives up and does what you say.   Good luck as you proceed with this mission.

Now, there are certain things you should have competed by now as per Lesson I. For review:

1.  You have divided your manuscript into specific sections.  You set sections up by putting your curser at the bottom of the last page of a section preceding a new one you want to install.  After leaving your curser at this position, then move up and click on “Layout” on the menu bar that is located just atop the ruler running along the top of your document.  It’s the second button in after “Home.”  A new row of icons will open.

2.  Now click on the third icon over called “Break.”  Scroll down to “Next Page” and click on it,  The page following the one you left your curser on at the bottom will now begin a new section.  To check, double click within a half inch at the bottom of the page and the computer will now show you the header and footer sections.  You should see a change in the section numbers between the two pages, as illustrated below.

Continue this  process until you have placed sections everywhere you want a page number to eventually appear.   Don’t forget, you may need “subsections” (see Lesson 3, part I).


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