Coming in January…! After 50 Years in Storage, Lois Has Been Unboxed!

Midway through the twentieth century, young suburban wives were expected to stay at home tending children, sorting laundry and having dinner ready for their husbands when they returned from work.  None of this was to the liking of Lois Harris Kuhn. After all, her entire high school education was geared to making her a fine-tooled clerical machine.  Indeed, her typing and shorthand skills excelled and when combined with her smarts the package easily led to secretarial positions to high-end specialist doctors, lawyers and judges.  Had the culture been different and the glass ceiling not so impenetrable, she would have easily been one of them and better at it than most.

In 1939, Lois married the young man next door—one not of her Jewish faith, perhaps in keeping with her rebellious nature.  After delivering two sons into their world, she inevitably returned to work. While typing correspondence and taking dictation nicely provided a second income and a necessary escape from household drudgery, Lois felt no sense of personal fulfillment. For that, she chose to write.

1n 1956 she was awarded a contract from a major New York publisher to author The World of Jo Davidson, a biography of the late renowned sculptor.  But it was her lifestyle and prolific work environment that fueled the next decade during which she turned out page after page elaborating on the things she had done, events she had observed and the people she met along the way.  

So here is a selection of those writings of Lois Harris Kuhn. You will find a variety in length and style, real and imagined, all unboxed after being shelved and stored for over 50 years. They bring to life the memories and observations of a individualist ahead of her time, one who was opinionated yet reserved when necessary, sensitive and caring yet defiant to those who weren’t…but most of all, and make no mistake about it, at all times a loving daughter, wife and mother.

Lois unboxed is in the final stages before publication in January.  Check back here for updates and other information.